Emotion commotion

Summer 2013
Summer 2013
This week has seen a range of emotions. I started out with relief, that the surgery was over, the infected lymph removed and that we were home again. This became anxiety during and after the first dressing change. 3 wounds, very deep and packed, that needed unpacking and re packing. The screams could be heard from two storeys above. Anxiety turned to absolute sorrow and heart break for my baby boy having to go through such an ordeal.

Then happiness to see him looking so much happier and more like the old Herbie.  Frustration that his brother has impetigo & his sister a nasty virus, that I really wanted him to avoid but knew that I couldn’t. Sadness as we said farewell to one of our lovely Community Nurses as she left for pastures new after being part of our weekly routines since May 2013. Irritation at the minor obstacles put in our way by bureaucratic systems in various parts of our life and then joy at finally getting to the cinema with the children , over a week later than promised due to last weeks hospital stay.
The roller coaster has been interjected with brief feelings that also need mentioning…
Concern about what the biopsy results will show and why he has yet another lump growing on his neck.
Delight at meeting the outreach teacher who will start teaching him at home on Monday.
Thankful for the kindness and thoughtful words/actions of others.
So a week after our last hospital stay at least tonight I can drink my gin and tonic, listen to a mellow playlist and feel a small moment of contentment. It won’t last, I know it’s just a brief interlude but heck I’m happy to step off the roller coaster just for a few hours if only to let my head and stomach stop spinning!

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