Because I’m happy…

Don’t worry today you will NOT be needing your tissues, your mascara will not be running and hopefully you will be smiling throughout today’s entry.

What a day! Miles of smiles for young Herbster, and the rest of us ,mainly due to the kindness of others. Herbie had his second session with his teacher, Victoria, and showed the same enthusiasm as before (thankfully no fox suit today although he did bring it downstairs but was waylaid with a quick game of Candy Crush before she arrived). When she left just after 11.30 Herbie demanded lots of snacks as he had “been working doing lots of hard stuff” and he had half an hour to wolf them down before the highlight of his day was about to arrive!

If you have small children and you live in the Oxfordshire Area you may well already know Nick Cope. If you don’t you ought to and if you live elsewhere check him out on You Tube or google him. Nick writes & sings kids songs that adults love too, humorous and catchy. Herbie LOVES Nick Cope and you can imagine the excitement when he heard that he wanted to pay him a visit and sing a few songs for him in our house!

Listening to Nick

Nick arrived and Herbie was unusually quiet but as the guitar case opened and the guitar was tuned and the first chords played it all changed! He smiled his way through the first song, began joining in by the second song. He giggled and strummed his cardboard guitar and had a fabulous time.

Playing the cardboard guitar with Nick
Playing the cardboard guitar with Nick

How kind of Nick to pop in and make our brave little boy feel so special. He played his requests, chatted to him and even gave him a cardboard guitar and picture to keep. It was very special, 50 minutes came and went and Nick joined Herbie on the sofa with guitars and glasses on for his photo call.

Once we had waved Nick off we shot out to The Shake Shop to round off a top day with Herbie’s shake treat, Aero mint! To help him with the numerous dressing changes and finger prick blood tests etc he has a a sticker chart. This time on completion he requested a shake shop visit.

What a happy day we have had, even the phone calls from Great Ormond street Hospital to discuss pre transplant investigations couldn’t dampen our spirits. Then to add an extra smile a message from someone asking if they could raise money to help make a difference in some way , supporting his hospital, nurses etc. What great people we know 🙂
image check Nick out here…

3 thoughts on “Because I’m happy…”

  1. What a fab blog. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve bookmarked- I’m a friend of Charlie’s and so have heard about the things Herbie had been through and have such admiration for him, and you. Xx

  2. What a super cool Day!!! That did make me smile ….we have something in common….Candy crush addiction lol x

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