If there’s an obstacle we’ll find it

So today was the day…May 6th…the day to go to GOS for the start of the bone marrow transplant process. We kept all of the children back from school a while longer and had a leisurely breakfast. One of our community nurses, Ele, came to administer the ambisome for what could be the last time & do Lily’s subcut immunoglobulin.

Herbie still had a cough and a snotty nose. It seemed more and more unlikely that transplant would go ahead. We called Maria at GOSH and she said she would chat to the doctors and get back to us.

The morning was strange…were we going? Were we staying? Was Herbie ill or did he just have hay fever? The mood was lightened a little as we were still hunting for Herbie’s favourite toy ‘Dogdog’ who needed to be washed before heading to GOSH. We had been hunting since last night for him but to no avail. We finally retraced the memories of last seeing Dogdog to Frankie & Benny’s. A quick call to F&B’s in Witney confirmed that a small brown toy dog was currently sitting at the front desk patiently waiting for his owner. Thank goodness we got him back!Dogdog returns

Finally the call came to say that the doctors still wanted to see Herbie to assess him so at 1.30pm, with the other 3 children packed off to school we headed out of North Leigh for what could be the last time for a few weeks. We had a smooth journey and after Chris dropped us outside the patient hotel, where we left our luggage, we headed to Safari outpatients for blood tests & a ‘snot test’ (excuse the terminology, I can’t remember it’s real name x). Herb was great for bloods as they used the PICC but what a nightmare trying to get a tube up his nose for the snot test! Ugh! Obs showed no fever, great SATS (not the educational kind!) of 99% in air and good BP/resp rate.
Catey & Hiral arrived with cameras and a mic to film the dr consult. The Dr explained that no BMT would take place if tests from today revealed a virus. This could set us back 2-3 weeks. Totally annoying but the only option as BMT is not safe with a respiratory virus on board. Results would be back at lunchtime tomorrow. Better news was that the Dr felt he was well enough to go ahead with the Hickman Line insertion planned for tomorrow. So consent forms were signed & after Herb gestured “I’ve got my eye on you” to the doctor at least ten times she declared that she looked forward to seeing him on the BMT ward and that he was cheeky and she liked that!

We headed back to Weston House, the patient hotel where we were booked in for the night.
Weston house hotel
A round of medicines for Herbie then off to the Lagoon to get him some fish and chips!
Then a quick bit of window shopping before heading back to bed down for the night.

What more Moshi stuff?
What more Moshi stuff?

So tomorrow we have an 8am start and a theatre visit for a new line and a goodbye to the lovely PICC line that has served him so fabulously since Dec 16th last year.
However I go to bed wondering where I will be laying my head tomorrow? The Big Smoke or The Shire…
Moshi eggs

2 thoughts on “If there’s an obstacle we’ll find it”

  1. I hope all goes well tomorrow, the waiting must be so tough. Glad Herbie got Hope’s letter, there’s another one on the way. Cool hair cut Herbie xx

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