Sore throats and blocked noses

T+7 had arrived, a week since transplant . We had been advised that T+7-12  was when BMT patients often took a dip. When he woke Herbie said his throat was funny and I immediately thought “here we go” . However with a quick drink he said it was all ok so I put it down to  sleeping with his mouth open. Breakfast was eaten and there were no complaints although I noticed he didn’t finish it all. We had Rehka and Lauren as our nurses again today so Herbie was pleased.

The doctor popped in to check him over. He was less than enthusiastic as it interfered with his TV viewing, especially when the volume needed turning down for her to listen to his chest!
Bev, who works in the BMT doctors office came to the window, as she does most mornings now , with a huge grin and a sign …
We all laughed as she held up a handful of packages.

I love it
I love it

The first contained Moshi Mash up cards and a new Moshi t-shirt which immediately had to be worn! He loved it, thanks Auntie Cathy, Uncle James and cousins, Esta, Isaac and Martha.

Also thanks to Kirsty, Lily & George for the above and Marion for the pirate set below.
Alli, who did the boys superhero design, sent me the original plus brill cards, one for each boy.
And Amy and her gang sent a great Legoland postcard and two Lego superhero key rings, one for Herbie and one for Ru x

Dan was missing Mr Oppodopolis so he gathered up the clothes and DogDog and wandered over to the launderette again whilst I waited for Danielle, Friday’s teacher, to arrive. We agreed to meet up for our usual Elevenses as soon as she arrived. The problem was, she didn’t !

Dogdog goes for a spin (and a rinse!)
Dogdog goes for a spin (and a rinse!)

I sat with Herbie whilst he tucked into his dinner but although he ate nearly all of it he complained about a sore throat. I spoke to Rehka and she gave him oraomorph to help with the pain.
So Dan came back with the clean and dry washing and we were folding it and putting it away ( just like home really) when a volunteer arrived. The ward has volunteers that play with the children whilst parents nip off for a break..

So finally we headed to Starbucks, armed with another gift card sent from Alison and Chris. We decided, as it was 2pm , to go for the works!
We wandered back via Dan’s current home, The Italian Building.

We got back to find Herbie with Danielle! So we went back out on a hunt for series 10 Moshi monsters but the capital appears to be barren ! On our return there was one grumpy boy. He needed more medicine for his mouth and was told he needed to drink a lot more!
Bloods were in
HB 91
WCC 0.83
Neutrophils 0.74
Lymphocytes 0.02
Platelets 134
All still good.
As the day wore on Herbie appeared more tired and said he couldn’t swallow again without it hurting. More meds and he started feeling better.
Sam and Hannah visited for a cup of tea but due to ward restrictions, there is a virus doing the rounds, they couldn’t come onto the ward to see Herb.
They left a few gifts for him. I’m seriously amazed by the generosity!
When I returned I found him still in pain and his tummy hurting!
With glassy eyes and complaining of the cold he climbed into bed and was snoring almost before his head hit the pillow. It’s hard to know what caused it or even whether this is part of the transplant

What T+8 will bring us we don’t know but I hope he’s a little better. Ella , our nurse tonight said he’s doing really well!

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