Mummy’s back…

T+17 began with the dreaded NPA, scowling and complaining followed by a hearty breakfast apparently and by the time I arrived in London Herbie was busy working with Helen, the teacher.

This gave Dan & I time for a quick catch up & lunch in Costa courtesy of some of our lovely friends.

On our return I went to the viewing window first and watching that gorgeous little face light up when I tapped at the glass, I couldn’t wait to get into the room!
We had a lovely cuddle and he told me he had missed me and I replied I’d missed him. Seeing him without hair again was still a shock, despite the photos etc, however he was cheeky, brighter and happy!

I had come with a bag of goodies from various people but when I got there I was greeted by a few parcels waiting to be opened.

Thank you Lizzie & Charlotte
Thank you Lizzie & Charlotte

Hats from The McIntyres & Kate M were hugely popular…

Thanks Kate x
Thanks Kate x

Thanks also to Kirsty, Lily & George, perfect balloon choice.

Thanks Kirsty, Lily's & George
Thanks Kirsty, Lily’s & George

Auntie Lucy I love my tshirt! Oh and Cousin Charlie’s room signs & the sweets!
Auntie Cath this is awesome too!
There was a present opening pause as our superhero fell asleep for around 2 hours, this BMT stuff wipes you out clearly!

Blood results were in and as follows for all of you who like me need your stat fix!
HB 85 (so rising and no need for transfusion!)
WCC 0.94 (a drop but we were told it does this at first)
Neutrophils 0.64 (another drop but as with the WCC)
Lymphocytes 0.12
Platelets 56 (all fine)

I guess we really want to see those numbers go up rather than down tomorrow but we are also aware that because he had the drug to boost the neutrophils on Friday that there would be a tail off.

After his long sleep he awoke abruptly asking ‘is this a new day or the same one?’. We did giggle but we can also understand why he wasn’t sure! A few more gifts to open and lots of lovely cards/drawing etc.

Thanks Vic & boys, Maddie & boys & Brenda & Steve xxxxx
Thanks Vic & boys, Maddie & boys & Brenda & Steve xxxxx
Thank you to Oliver for this and the picture of the train on today's headline
Thank you to Oliver for this and the picture of the train on today’s headline

He also had…

Sweetie hamper courtesy of my cousin & her family
Sweetie hamper courtesy of my cousin & her family

And a fab book from one of Felix’s band (spot one of the author’s!)image
And GOSHi Moshi’s from Dave & Christine

Daddy had to head back to Nor Lye, it’s tough saying goodbye and it was clear that if he could have stayed he would have. Hugs and kisses and more hugs and then he was gone and it was back to the two of us within Room 2 for the next 4 days. Holly, his nurse today, came in to do the monthly MRSA swabs , I thought she was very brave having already conquered the NPA. Herbie kicked up a storm and went off on one leaving me to do the 6 swabs instead of Holly. Poor Holly really got the brunt of his temper. Despite eating well his drinks intake was down so a water bolus went up, followed closely by the milk .
I stepped out for my dinner and sat with another BMT mum, sometimes talking to others is great, sometimes it’s a worry but it was nice to chat today though.

Radio Lollipop, the hospital radio arrived in the room with bubbles and Herbie chose a request. His song choice was apt…Happy.
Herbie fought his tiredness until 9.30pm, Holly had gone and Hayley was on for the night.

One more gift before bed from lynn & Lorna

Thanks Lynn & Laurna
Thanks Lynn & Lorna

and then it was time to sleep…tomorrow Herbie has been in Room 2 for 4 weeks!


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