Sunday morning, praise the dawnin’

T+23 and the boys weekend continues…
The morning started well with Herbie, bathed, dressed and had his breakfast before 9am! There was another finger prick heading Small’s way at lunch time but thankfully Dan managed to get Craig to keep it under his hat.

The blood results were in and there had, as expected been a big drop after the GC-SF boosted figures yesterday .

HB 98 (still good)
WCC 2.00 (still good)
Neutrophils 1.33(big drop but hoping it stays above 1 tomorrow)
Lymphocytes 0.27
Platelets 28

Herb would have platelets again today. Lymphocytes were holding their own in their new home in the 20’s. Tomorrow’s bloods will be interesting. Dr Olga said no more GC-SF now as they want to see what the bloods are up to.
Herbie’s kidney function was still a bit odd and this was definitely not what the doctors (or us wanted).
He ended up drinking more than his target today which you would think would be a good thing but actually it’s not! You can’t win!

The boys had a lazy TV /music kind of Sunday. Plenty of Facetiming home and bravery for yet another finger prick at lunch time and again in the evening.

Herbie’s blood pressure was on the high side for a a while and there was even talk about giving him something to reduce it! Thankfully it finally came down by itself. Due to the kidney function issues a few iv meds were stopped yesterday but today the amikacin was restarted.

During a Face Time today Small asked when he would be coming home, almost 5 weeks in and he’s beginning to ask that question at least once a day …poor baby. He really beginning to miss things. On Tuesday his school will be having a Superhero day to raise money for GOSH and they are hoping to FaceTime Herbie in whole school assembly around 1pm. It’s a secret from all of the children and Herbie but I can’t wait!

Something else exciting that we haven’t told you all yet is that Herbie has been nominated by one of his community nurses for a Well Child Award. In true Oscar style, we are delighted & honoured just to be nominated but imagine if he got through!

Sadly the norovirus issue from a few days ago is still an issue on the ward and another patient now has it. Ugh! What a nightmare it is, we are crossing everything that our boy escapes it!

Herbie had his last iv’s of the night before the finger prick and platelets, both which were scheduled whilst he slept.

Back home in Nor Lye this came through the post box
How lovely is that?
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I’m back in room 2 tomorrow…sleep now people!

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