Where do we go next…

T+26 …
How do I follow yesterday’s entry? Well let me start by telling you that I had an unsettled night. Every time the nurse came in there was quite a bit of noise and then she drew back one of the curtains a little and turned on the intercom which intermittently beeps to let you know it’s on. I was actually glad when morning arrived!

Herbie woke and frowned at me. “Are you I unwell” I heard myself asking. “No I’m just so bored! Came his reply. You have to laugh as his eyes had literally been open for a minute! So we tried to pack the day full of fun.
Bath, moisturise and breakfast all done by 9am and we had already started on the mammoth task of another day of a two litre fluid intake.

Post arrived, Lego mini figures going down a treat and the promise of a Costa with a Costa gift card from Emma, Ollie and Isobel. Thanks guys.

We focused on the fluid intake and it was tough but I figured it would be helping lower the kidney function results.
The doctor appeared to tell me the results were worse again today and that he needed to definitely drink 2.2 litres of fluid!
Blood results were otherwise very good.

HB 91
WCC 4.16
Neurophils 2.85
Lymphocytes 0.64
Platelets 33

Urea 9.2 was 7.9 yesterday
Creatinine 85 was 77 yesterday.

The teacher arrived to continue with Herbie’s film and so did Veronique the Play Specialist. They had a pretend fight Iver who was working with Herbie which had him rolling around in hysterics. Helen won the first slot and Veronique waited outside pretty much until Helen left.
I helped Veronique with the cakes. Herbie had a great time decorating them but sadly he can’t eat them yet! They are not on the BMT Food List!



When he had finished we decided to play Moshi Monopoly
We continued trying to get fluids in him whilst we played.
After monopoly it was music, singing along to the usual favourites.
Then colouring and finally a few loom bands!


Two funny men arrived at the window, one was Dr Bananas and the other his mate. They were making Herbie laugh hysterically!


Finally we packed things away and Herbie hit his two litre fluid target and went to sleep. My ipad and phone are just about to run out of charge and the charger just snapped so we had better get another tomorrow!

I wish the kidney function would settle and then we could have a good chance of getting home in the next week or two.

2 thoughts on “Where do we go next…”

  1. A cliff hanger!!! Sounds like you had a relaxing day, good for you , time to take it all in xxxx lots of love xxxx

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