Slow and steady wins the race

T+29 my first Saturday here for a few weeks. I got a lie in but not a home style one. Herbie wanted his bath before my shower and wanted music as he always does. We made a late start on our drinking marathon today and I was worried about getting through it all but then Georgina, our nurse today, announced the target was upped to 2,200mls and I wondered if it was possible at all. After the bath I had my shower and when I came out he had already downed 200mls. Only another 2000 to go!
Breakfast was coco pops with 250mls of milk and another straw for slurping to ensure all 250mls were drunk! image
After breakfast Herbie put his 20p in his money box and contemplated the spending power of its contents.image
I text Dan to remind him about The Oxford Mail and decided to check it out online. Our story, not completely accurate, was there. Then we found out via friends it was front page of the paper too.

Made the front page
Made the front page

There was great excitement here about it and at home. I felt a little sad that the school superhero day got such a small mention when they were the ones that started the media interest!
We rarely seem to get post at the weekend so I gave Herbie some gifts that Amanda had left with me on Thursday. He was excited about the silver Micro Moshi’s and Randomns are one of his favourites. We decided to write letters with the new paper on Sunday.
Herbie continued to plough his way through his drinks which we lined up on the table.
And the day passed slowly and uneventfully with his Blood Pressure staying stable now he’s started on meds to control it.
Two new nurses today, well new to Herbie, Georgina and student nurse Kate. He played the very cheeky card, to my embarrassment , with raspberries being blown etc.
Bloods were in ,

HB 81 ( for the second time so still 1 shy of transfusion.)
WCC 2.43 (quite a big drop today)
Neutrophils 1.62 (a drop but still well in range)
Lymphocytes 0.37 (dropped)
Platelets 38

Urea 7.9
Creatinine 78 kidney function improved and nearer normal levels!

Herbie was hungry all day. Crackers were requested here! I joked with the nurses about whether they had upped his steroid dose! At 9.30pm I was making marmite toast for him at 9.30 this evening!

The doctor came and was very happy with him! As are we xx
Then surprise surprise post was delivered!
A letter from Grandmas dog Floss & a voucher for Starbucks for myself and Daddy. Thanks so much x
And then another parcel from Sherilee & the kids, a puzzle! He immediately started it.

Thanks Guys.

He finally met his target at 7.30pm! We chatted as I changed his bedding ready for what I hooked would be an earlier night
and he decided to make loom bands next. Ella was his nurse again tonight and he made her one.



No philosophical posts tonight, a reasonable day.
Roll on Day t30 x

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