Lazy Sunday ramblings

T+30, yep we are now 30 days past transplant. I can honestly say time is going very quickly  and it really doesn’t feel like thirty days ago but facts are facts!

Sunday really feels like any other day in this place though once you have been here a while and perhaps the only real clue to the weekend is that some of the other patients, who are not BMT, get visitors.

It’s only when you leave the ward and enter the hospital that you see how much quieter it is and then once outside how different it is at the weekend.
In Room 2 though the same order of things occurs, get up, get a shower and new clothes, strip the bed and clinell wipe the mattress and then weigh Herbie, take girth measurement and pop him in the bath. The weight was up again this morning at 21.4kg and girth up too but after yesterday’s mammoth drinking and eating sessions I wasn’t surprised.
It was Father’s Day today, the kids face timed as Dan opened his presents, both of which were a disaster size wise, and then we said we would speak later as they were going to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a BBQ.

We had Rehka and Lauren as our nurse and student nurse today. Herbie did plenty of raspberry blowing and telling them how boring they were. Thankfully Rehka and Lauren know him quite well now so it was water of a ducks back.
Rehka said platelets and HB were both low today so we would be having two transfusions at some point.

Once Herbie was washed and moisturised and dressed I noticed how much his hair was growing back! How exciting! It’s very blonde and super soft like baby hair but it’s there!

I went down to The Lagoon to pick up drinks to help Herbie’s consumption of 2.2 litres and ended up with some hoodies for the girls to take on residential, before returning for Doctors round.
We saw the same doctor again who said ” the reason you are seen so late each day is because you are doing so well. He said again ” you won’t be here much longer ”
When I picked up the blood results I was glad to see the good news.

Blood results

HB 77 hence blood transfusion later
WCC 2.88
Neutrophils 1.97 … They had gone up!
Lymphocytes 0.38 up but 1!
Platelets 32 hence the need to give more.

Urea 6.1 (6 being the top end normal)
Creatinine 65! It was 109 two days ago !
A totally improving picture

We got busy with a mosaic picture to pass the time and after he was done we put it up in his room.

At 3pm I headed to the Brunswick to see an old friend, Jude. We hadn’t seen each other for many years but in the brief hour and a bit we saw each other today we managed to click back in as if we had seen each other yesterday! We sat outside Carluccio’s chatting and catching up whilst enjoying a drink and edible treat  courtesy of Jude. Thank you so much Jude, it was brief but so very special to see you again after so many years.
Jude gave me a lovely gift and one to take back to Herbie.
On my return the nurses informed me that he had complained that I must be chatting too much. My son knows me so well! I was forgiven immediately and greeted with smiles and hugs and even more smiles when he realised there was a parcel and letter for him!
Thanks so much Jude for both mine & Herbie’s gifts x

His drinking was going well today but I had discussed with the doctor my concern about the amount of fruit juices he was drinking, as he won’t have squash made with the sterilised water. I managed to water down some of the juices today with the sterilised water and we got to 2.2 litres by 7.30pm. However he had also eaten a lot & had a platelet transfusion so tonight’s weight was a tad crazy at 22.7kg

This afternoon he was full of adventure & mega cheekiness with Rehka & student nurses Lauren and Kate. Then it was a very long FaceTime session with everyone at the BBQ.
Herbie’s face lit up when he saw his family but especially his buddies Lily & Sam!
He gave them a tour of his room as he said he didn’t know what to say to them all at one point but he was soon roaring and being silly with Sam x
Once they had gone he was a bit sad, I miss Sam and Lily he said and I wish we had been at the barbecue. Dan had a Father’s Day picture with a virtual Herbie!
He stayed up late again, lots of random mutterings. He told Lyn, tonight’s nurse,about his pet steri strip, that he named Steven,  after having a lump removed so she turned up with a pack of 6!

He did a bit of Moshi Monster colouring and then it was time for the blood transfusion which takes 3 hours. Due to the extra fluid and high evening weight , he was given something to help him wee.
This was given at midnight, within fifteen minutes he was needing a wee…it’s gonna be a long night!

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