Feeling hot, hot, hot ( or not?)

I woke knowing that just like a few weeks ago, no matter how hard I wished Herbie didn’t, he had a temperature. I could hear his breathing and so I got out of bed to check him. It was around 6am, he sure felt hot. I climbed back in to bed, now unable to sleep despite wanting to. Too many unanswered questions in my head. Why was he hot? Had he got an infection? Had he already had paracetamol and if so when could he have more? Were just a few!

He woke later to go to the loo and when done he climbed into my bed, still hot, and went back to sleep. When the nurse came in, Hayley, she told me he had spiked early this morning and had paracetamol at about 5am. I was worried as he felt so hot but a temperature check showed 37.9. Was it creeping up or just very slowly coming down? Over the next hour, Nicola (student nurse who was helping Nicola) took it again and gradually it went to 37.1

We had a quick bath and moisturised and I got breakfast although strangely neither of us ate a thing. We started on the 2.2 litres of fluid , very slowly!

Helen arrived to do school work and I popped out into the glorious sunshine feeling a bit flat about the down turn with the temperatures. I spoke to Dan whilst having a sneaky Starbucks.

Back to room two just as Helen was leaving. I took the gifts into the ante room and then through to Herbie.
There was a mad scramble to get to them so please excuse if any are inaccurate.
Lovely sweeties for the kids and a generous Costa card from Emma.

Thanks Emma!
Thanks Emma!

Cards from Great Uncle Jon & Flossy , Grandmas dog.
And to Nic, Bruce and the boys for these lovely books. Herbie loved Reuben’s design for his very own football kit on the card too.
And Joy and her son, Duncan, for sweets, Moshi blind bag & the brilliant cupet which Herbie had “always wanted” apparently!
Chloe and Phoebe thrilled master Herb with a Moshi music Cd and funky stickers (& even yummy mini hand creams for me). Thank you.
Thanks to Rebecca and her girls for this great present and card too, pink is just fine by him!
Auntie Leigh and crew had tomorrow’s wardrobe sorted in one go with their gifts. Awesome t shirt!

After the mammoth post opening Hayley came with the blood results.
Platelets going down again but kidney function looking so much better.

HB 101
WCC 5.36
Neutrophils 4.90
Lymphocytes 0.17
Platelets 34

Urea 3.8
Creatinine 62

The play worker was due to come but she sent a volunteer by with a magazine instead so I stayed with Herbie for the rest of the day. We chatted a lot and all day his temperature maintained between 37.1-37.5.

The doctors came round late saying they needed to sort the fevers and he needed 48 hrs of no spiking to stop the antibiotics. They also, thankfully, reduced his drinking level back to 1.5!

Herbie definitely wasn’t himself today, I can only hope that tomorrow is a bit better for him and we can get those temperatures back where they should be.

More platelets
More platelets

Were given and he was still on the cooler side despite a few 37.5 momemts.
As I go to bed at just gone 1.15am it is easy to believe I might get through the night without him spiking a fever but seems we are not that lucky right now!
Last temp check before shut eye

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