Breaking out and other tales


I was woken this morning by a very cheeky face smiling at me and I knew that he was on good form. We were 53 hours since the last fever and I really wanted to breathe a sigh of relief and move on but it’s so hard. Fevers just remind me of last November, December and into January and that was a tough time. BUT we were still fever free so I took the day by the hands and decided to enjoy it.

Quite early on a teacher from the hospital school arrived, Suki. He asked Herbie if he fancied doing a science experiment and Herbie was very keen. It was only for half an hour so not enough time for my usual Costa trip so I hung around and watched. Herbie loved it!

The post was rather substantial today and there was great excitement and a look in the big map book when we saw that one package was from Australia! Herbie was thrilled to find cards and a brilliant pen, stickers and gorgeous t-shirt from Fiona & her boys. Thanks also Fi for the fab gifts for myself, Dan and Rufus (he was thrilled with his boomerang especially!).
Next to be opened was a Moshi flashing Toothbrush for Herbs and a Starbucks card for me, thank you Lucy & Toby xxx
Next up he opened a fabby couple of gifts from Sarah, Ry, George & Ruby.
Thanks guys, great picture and writing George and Herbie was THRILLED with the cup and we can’t wait to explore the straws.
Amy, James, Ollie and Seb sent a lovely pack of goodies for Herb and myself. Cheers, Herbie wanted the socks on immediately.
Finally there was a lovely card with a steam train on the front from our neighbours back home, Donna & Richard.
The ward round takes place on a Friday and I was surprised to see the doctors in before lunch. They explained that the CRP was dropping and that they needed a repeat CT scan just to be sure thee was nothing new in the lungs. They said as we had no TPN or milk feeds discharge would be easier. Herbie has to remain on antibiotics for a few days more to ensure what ever it was causing temperature is resolved.

Daddy arrived with a gift from pre school & what a gift!

At 1pm Herbie Skyped a few children from his class, it was gorgeous and they were all excited and saying things like “we love you Herbie”

Danielle, another teacher, came to play games so we managed a cup of tea in the parents room but before we knew it we were called to CT. Another outing for Herb!



Once at the CT room there was a little whinging but eventually he was on it

Cat scanner
Cat scanner

Afterwards Herbie enjoyed a good run about back to the ward.

Juliet, one of the others mums from fox ward, who was also going home today , came to say goodbye. It was lovely seeing them wave goodbye, we exchanged numbers. Juliet has been in with Sebastian for almost 8 weeks and is also being filmed by the BBC.

Bloods today

HB 96
WCC 4.03
Neutrophils 2.75
Lymphocytes 0.26
Platelets 26
CRP 137

Urea 3.7
Creatine 42
I headed back home at 8pm knowing things were looking better again x
Night all..boys weekend has begun.

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