Boring, boring, boring


For the last few days Herbie has been over using the word boring. Nurses are branded “boring”, the doctors are definitely “boring”, the day is “boring”.

Dan reported that this trend was still continuing this morning. Breakfast cereals have been “boring” for a few days now with crisps being the preferred choice!
Dan told me that Herbie was warm on waking and breathing rate was up a bit too. All signs of an impending temperature! Ugh! However when the nurse, Ella, did his obs he was 36.5 so fine.

He needed another dressing change as the one done a couple of days ago was coming off.
Herbie always like to be involved and help with peeling off the old dressing.

The doctor came in to see them and apparently, Dan was totally unaware, but Herbie had spiked, almost 74 hours since the last time. We were both gutted! The doctor said it was probably engraftment fevers (also known as good fevers) but she would chat with the big boss and get back to us.

This news was just so annoying, fevers were gone, things all looking very positive and despite not actually saying it myself, talk of the H word. All on hold AGAIN no doubt.
The coverage was changed again so he is now on iv Meropenum , micafungin , ciprofloxacin and vancomycin…back where we started. That said at least lungs etc have all been checked and are not the cause. The line didn’t want to bleed back today and this happened last time the fevers hit, that time it was a line infection.

This was all going on but the boys still enjoyed some puzzles, games and a little Thomas The Tank Engine.

Bloods came in and reflected what was going on…

HB 88
WCC 5.20
Neutrophils 3.92
Lymphocytes 0.21
Platelets 64
CRP 155 (back up by 46!)

Urea 2.5
Creatinine 36

Kidney function just proves how quickly things can turn around though.

He continued to be a little warm and when one of his fave nurses Rehka came on shift for the evening he was already in bed feeling warm. More iv paracetamol and two weary parents, one who had been at the coal face dealing with Herbie, the other at home coping with one of the most hectic weekends in a while.

I think Dan and I are starting to see Herb’s point…

BORING being in hospital
BORING fevers
BORING waiting to be discharged
BORING feeling stressed


No pity parties but can we all go to that place in Nor Lye beginning with H now please? (Oh and for the record…Fevers…you are SO boring and last season!)

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