Visitors and temperature spikes


we are heading to 7 weeks in Great Ormond Street for Herbie. 7 weeks ago today he left North Leigh to start this journey into the unknown.  He hasn’t been out of the hospital for 7 weeks, hasn’t gone outside for 7 weeks, been home, slept in his own bed etc etc.

So after all of this time it’s a shame that still he is in and having temperatures. The temperatures had continued over night and it has been decided to restart the Amikacin! I think this is the fifth time since Nov 23rd 2013!
We have our suspicions that this is the micabacteria raising it’s ugly head and giving one last surge.

Grandma and Grandpa travelled to London to visit him in the same room for the first time in 7 weeks. Herbie was thrilled!

The bloods were

HB 94 (so blood holding it’s own
WCC 5.51
Neutrophils 4.19
Lymphocytes 0.29
CRP 239!

Urea 2.5. /creatinine 36

Everyone is tired and a little fed up so apologies for the late and short entries xxx
Fingers crossed that by tomorrow I will have more and better news.

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