Boy about town


It’s amazing what small promises can mean to someone and how they can change a mood. After a long time of. Herbie not being remotely interested in going outside he suddenly felt differently. Up until now, although technically his counts are good enough to venture out each day, he has been adamant that until he could go home he wasn’t going out. However, yesterday he had a change of heart and with the promise of a trip out of the hospital today he woke bright and eager to know when we were heading out!

His rash seemed worse today. Not nice to look at but he says that it isn’t itchy and that’s a good thing!


Rehka came in early to tell me that his bloods looked good this morning so I was keen to run and get them from the folder.

HB 86 (up, ok only by 1 but it’s gone up not down!)
WCC 4.28
Neutrophils 3.38
Lymphocytes 0.21
Platelets 54 (it’s true…the boys making platelets, yippee)
CRP 176 (still high but down by over 100 so happy it’s going the right way)

Urea 4.1
Creatinine 25 (all good)

Helen arrived to teach Herbie so I headed out to the park and Costa for a bit of lunch. It was beautifully sunny and warm and it felt lovely to get some sun on my skin. I find myself mire and more watching people in the street and wondering if they are parents of children staying in GOSH. Sometimes it’s obvious as they have a child with them, obviously allowed off the ward or maybe just finished an appointment.
I headed back to Robin Ward and Herb was tucking into a burger and chips.

After his 1pm oral meds (Dan and I are still administering these via his PEG despite a delay in going home) we got ready to walk outside. This meant completely covering up as he has had chemo and now has skin GVHD , he is more susceptible to burning. We put on long sleeves and long trousers for the first time in 7 weeks and headed to the desk to get sunscreen. The nurses made a huge fuss of him and he was grinning from ear to ear.

Outside looking in on Room 2
Outside looking in on Room 2

We left the building and although Herbie has left his room a few times to have scans etc he hasn’t left the hospital since he walked in on May 6th!

Outside for the first time in over 7 weeks
Outside for the first time in over 7 weeks

He ran like a wild horse, charging down the road, grinning from ear to ear and happy as anything. We headed to a park that I passed daily that I had never seen children in. Sod’s law that we arrived to find three kids playing! Herbie patiently waited for them to leave and we went in but our visit was short lived as the children returned.
Herbie ran back and by the time he arrived on level 5 he was keen to get back in his room and watch TV.

Back to Robin Ward
Back to Robin Ward

He became quite grumpy after his visit out and very tired. He fell asleep for a few hours and missed saying goodbye to Rehka, one of his favourite nurses, as she was heading off for ten days holiday and said she hoped he would be gone by the time she came back to work.
When he woke he was sweaty but thankfully no temperature. He was also full of beans!
We put some more cream on his rash and tried to get him to go back to bed but he’s awake now, at 11.10pm, grinning from ear to ear!


6 thoughts on “Boy about town”

  1. So great to see Herbie enjoying his trip outside. Sending lots of love and best wishes for coming home soon.

  2. Such fantastic news to see Herbie playing at the park!! It has definitely given me tears of joy to see him grinning from ear to ear xxx Take Care Herbie xx We all miss you at North Leigh xxx We so can’t wait to see you home very soon xx Lots of love from Mrs Goodman xxxxxxx

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