A spectrum of emotions


Another lovely late start, 9.30am! What a shock it will be getting the kids up and ready to drop Lily and Kitty at their new secondary school for 8.25am on Monday! Herbie was not in the most compliant of moods and complained about lots of little things, including being told to drink. I decided to try to let it go over my head. After all he’s a 5 year old boy, who has been away from his home and family life for almost 9 weeks and had a bone marrow transplant AND on a high steroid dose!

Ella was our nurse and Maria was our HCA. The morning went by fairly uneventfully.
Dan arrived bearing gifts…
Lovely Lego from everyone at Prentice. Thank you!
Lovely loom bands from Zita and the gang. Thank you Chloe and Ella x
I forgot to add yesterday image
The retro sweets from cousins Esta, Isaac and Martha xx thanks guys!
The doctor came to look at his rash which has almost gone. She was very happy and said we needed to get back on track with his oral meds next week. The pred is definitely going to oral and dropping down tomorrow.

Herbie had a small meltdown over his one oral med and drinking. He literally lost it for about an hour! When obs were taken he was hot an sweaty and his blood pressure was high. Thankfully he calmed down. It’s horrible to see him out of control due to meds. A call came from my cousin to say she was in reception. When I popped down we exchanged a hug and she gave me some yummy body shop stuff.

The Moshi Monster mug miraculously returned so that was good.I think the new members of the ward are finally settling in. Robin is full right now!

I left after dinner. For the first time Herbie came to see me off. It was hard saying goodbye.



As I headed home , passing Madame Tussards my phone rang. Dan, apologising, sounding odd “really sorry I have bad news”

So it is that I am finishing tonight’s blog on a very sad note. Our new Robin Ward friends of the past 9+ weeks have today lost their little boy, Mason, only 15 months old , and such a fighter. Our thoughts are with Blake and Alex and their families. Life is fragile…Time on these wards just highlights this.

My final word for today is
venceremos xxxx

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