The muddy waters are becoming clearer


Today I am writing about life in GOSH whilst I am home with my other 3 babies.
Dan reported that Herbie had a good start to the day. Of course it’s Monday so it was the dreaded NPA. Thankfully it wasn’t as traumatic as it has been and by the time I chatted to Herbie he had had his bath and breakfast and was bright and chatty. He was very excited about going to a big park with Daddy.

Next time I spoke to Dan he was back in the room after their outing to the park.
Herbie had loved it all but, as he had a few days earlier, he got so over excited that he over did it and had to return after half an hour.
On his return he had tummy ache and fell asleep, missing his dinner and the teacher.

When he woke he was refreshed. The doctor was pleased with him and the plans to redo his drug chart and for Dan and I to pick up the drug administration again were moving forward.
He made some Lego with Daddy and listened to 6music and played Moshi Rescue. (And look at that hair growing back and catching the light!)

The Stoma Nurse came to just check again that we were happy with the care and use of the PEG … he only had it put in on April 25th…hehe, just a little late!
Things were all pretty good in room 2.
The day wasn’t without a little Steroid rage though…

Roid Rage
Roid Rage

Blood results
HB 105
WCC 9.94
Neutrophils 7.77
Lymphocytes 0.53
Platelets no figure given today

When school finished here at home we face timed Herbie and it was so funny. He wanted to ‘sit on the basket’ in the living room to watch Rufus play the x box! Lily placed the ipad on the basket and it was like he was in the room. They ‘played ‘ like that for about 30 minutes! Herbie said “when I come home do you know the first thing I’m going to do? Go to my tree house and stand on it and shout to the village EVERYONE I’M BACK!!!!!!!!”
Bless him.

So we are moving on to Day T+53 and hopefully a day closer to Herbie standing on the treehouse yelling over the fields of Nor Lye.

“Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear.”

Lao Tzu

*Dan said the mood on the ward was very sad today after yesterday’s shocking news. Everyone is affected. We have been thinking of Blake and Alex so much today xx

One thought on “The muddy waters are becoming clearer”

  1. Looking forward to Herbie shouting out to the whole world. What a happy day that will be for all of you.

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