Stepping up a gear


My first contact with Dan and Herbie wasn’t until 10.30am. Dan sent me a message to say the meds chart was recalculated and he was going to be preparing and administering drugs again later today.


The list of meds seems to keep increasing although we are going out on some meds we came in on.  It looked quite daunting to see how many drugs to do. Our house is already full of oral meds for Lily and Herb as well as the paraphernalia that comes with home administration of subcut immunoglobulin for two children.  This includes a meds fridge,  3 months supply of syringes, ‘magic cream’ , pumps etc etc. I actually administered Lily’s yesterday and this was what I needed…

Subcut immunoglobulin nreplacement therapy
Subcut immunoglobulin nreplacement therapy

So looking at the list and knowing what that will bring in terms of thing to sort.
We also have a box of things for community nursing and this will continue on discharge with Amikacin and Micafungin iv’s once daily over an hour.

Herbie’s appetite remains influenced by the steroids. Big bowl of shreddies, two pieces of toast and a packet of hula hoops, just for breakfast! He certainly won’t come out of hospital ten percent lighter than when he was admitted.

Later I was called by Dan after the Community nurses teams phone number and bleep. I dutifully supplied it knowing this was another step closer to home.

Dan prepped the meds and administered them.


Olga, the doctor came again and was pleased with his skin. She said they needed to get him home . They took the drug chart and said it needs tweeking ….already!

Dan experienced a few steroid rages, one even occluded his line when his two iv’s were running.
He calmed down eventually.

HB 104
WCC 8.93
Neutrophils not available
Lymphocytes not available
Platelets 174
CRP <5

All looking good.

So this is a brief blog but remember,things are picking up!

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