I didn’t sleep well last night. My mind was a whirring mess and I was worried that I wouldn’t be awake, showered and dressed by 7.30am to meet the nurse, Shanice, to prep Herb’s meds. I ended up being ready at 7am! The problem was that Herbie wasn’t interested in waking!

When Herbie finally woke he wanted to have a bath and get breakfast underway.
Amy came in to spend time with him. He really loves Amy!

Amy, the play worker on Robin & Herbie
Amy, the play worker on Robin & Herbie

We decided to take lots of photos of the staff as you never know if we might get discharged before their next shift. Sufi wasn’t our nurse but she asked if she could pop in and see Herbie to sing their favourite duet… The eat eat eat song.

Sufi and Herbie
Sufi and Herbie

She was so sweet saying that when he’s discharged she will miss him so much. Amy said the same adding “what will I do without you Herb?”

Dan arrived and Rehka took us to recap our line safety talk and finish discussing the food lists for discharge. Herbie had Jess in from hospital school doing experiments!




Herbie asked lots of nurses for photos

Sandra says goodbye to Herb
Sandra says goodbye to Herb

Sandra obliged but Herbie and Lucinda had a scrap!

I left to head back to the shire and Dan stayed.
The bloods were a little confusing…

HB 105
WCC 13.20
Neutrophils 10.41
Lymphocytes 1.56
Platelets 163

CRP 33 ( ????)

The obs were all good with no signs of infection. The CRP will be repeated in the morning.
We just have everything crossed that it’s just a blip.
Ciclosporin levels came back high! After a week of trying to get it up higher to stop the GVHD. The dose had to be reduced.

The boys settled down to an early night in Robin Ward and I find myself , once again, with an over active mind.
I need some meditation!


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