I headed to GOSH this morning armed with a hamper of yummy things to drink & eat , thank you cards and a few huge bags. For a couple of days now the doctors have been talking about home ASAP and today was the day that they wanted to discharge Herbie…67 days after he walked through the doors of room 2 of Robin Ward.

We had been so close to going at 6 weeks and again at 7 that I was too scared to even believe it was possible. In my heart I knew this was closer than we had ever been but yesterday’s bloods and CRP were worrying me and so we chose not to broadcast it too much until we actually had him in the car and headed back to the Shire.

When I arrived at GOSH I allowed myself a little bit of excitement. This really could be it! Dan greeted me with great news, all was still on track to go and nobody seemed at all bothered by the blood results. Herbie had already had his immunoglobulin and just had Amikacin & Micafungin to go.
Julia, the GOSH volunteer who has visited weekly since the second week, came for her final session and Dan and I headed out to eat lunch.
We said lots of goodbyes, Amy the play worker, came back again for more hugs and to tell Herb that she had sent his picture, of his own made up Moshi, to the Moshi magazine!
Sadly, Jess, the teacher who had taken over from Helen was unwell so missed their last session but she sent a pack up to him.
We packed up the rest of his room and as the nurses came by they were all commenting on how bare it looked and how we were definitely one of the best decorated rooms they had ever seen. The bunting was down, photos and cards packed away, white board wiped clean and Moshi stickarounds removed. Posters rolled up, the balloons (the Moshi one had been there weeks) finally had their last breaths of air squeezed from them and soon we were just sitting watching TV & waiting.
The film crew were waiting patiently to film our departure but it turned out that we would be on the motorway when his meds were due so we decided to leave when his 6 o’clock meds were done.

We gave the hamper to the wonderful ward sister Rosie, such a genuinely, warm & loving person. We will miss her. She talked to Herbie so sweetly, as always and then there were hugs all round.
When Rosie had gone we were visited by Holly and Amy.
Both nurses had also cared for Lily last year and they are fabulous.
Emily, one of the housekeepers came in for hugs too
And Lucinda got a normal photo at last!
Olga and Vesna, the consultant and registrar , came to say goodbye. Lots of giggling and Olga said…”you can go now”.
I went hunting for a couple of friends from Fox Ward. Our friends on Robin had all gone and the ward is full of newcomers but I have made friends with lots of people in the 9+ weeks I have been here. Herb waited patiently in his room.
Sadly when I went on to Fox, they were not there or busy with medical staff and so I had to leave without goodbyes.
6pm came, Dan did the meds.
Finally the time came to go…
We were filmed leaving the room and what an emotional moment as we came out of the room the ward erupted into applause and yelps from the staff. I could have hugged each and every one of them for their kindness and care and for making my baby boy feel so special and adored during his transplant. A few hugs , lots of goodbyes and promises to return soon to say hello and then we were off. We waited outside for daddy to bring the car.

We left ,Herb was in the car singing. All the way home he was so excited and when we pulled in the drive he couldn’t wait to leap out!


The medicines are set up, here they are!
The book is read!

Happy homecoming Herbie!

10 thoughts on “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…..K!”

  1. Absolutely wonderful news. Good luck with the meds!!! Welcome home to you both and most of all to Herbie xx

  2. Wonderful news. If you possibly have time, I’d love to see Herbie on his tree house announcing to the world that he is home. Keep well, Herbie and good luck to you all. Love, Barbara xxx

      1. It worked and it was a delight to see him achieving his dream reaction. Many thanks.

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