What a difference a week makes…

T+63 and 1 week at home.

This time last week we were spending our first night at home together and Herbie was spending his first night at home in 9 and a half weeks. This past week has been so busy but today school broke up for summer so finally we feel like we might get to relax a little. For this reason I will take a few days away from the blog. I will of course return but finally things are ticking along nicely.

A call from Maria, one of our BMT nurses, today confirmed our first clinic appointment back at GOSH will be next Wednesday at 12.30pm. Ciclosporin level bloods were reported as high but I explained my first week blunder of forgetting to hold a dose back before the test.

Herbie continues to be hungry and spends most of his day asking what he can eat. I really do have my very own mini Buddha!


He has thankfully chosen to stay indoors during this very hot weather and another plus is that he was thirsty quite a bit today, managing to hit his 1500ml in record time. Today’s target was reached by 2pm!

We were grateful this week to receive many welcome home cards from so many old friends and family and even a lovely one from a member of staff at Herbie’s school. Herbie was especially pleased to get a letter from Hope. It arrived via GOSH thanks to Bev in the office. He says that he does know about geocaching and his big sisters are in the scouts and helped place the ones you mentioned!



Today’s BMT fact:

18 to 44 year-olds are called as a bone marrow match for a patient over 90% of the time.

Age guidelines are not meant to discriminate. They are meant to protect the safety of the donor and provide the best possible outcome for the patient.

Think about becoming a donor and giving someone a chance!

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