Moustaches, moving and mini doctors


Seventy six days since the new cells were given to Herbie. It’s really amazing to think how near we are to day 100! The next milestone!

Herbie continued to be stable temperature wise and finally the H word was (once more) being talked about which meant smiles all round. Still nothing had grown on the cultures but we know that previously a line infection took some time to show up and as we have always said “Herb loves to take the scenic route” wherever he goes, no direct motorways for him!

The day was quite long and boring for Dan and Herbie but there was light relief for both when Sam (Bellhouse Drayson’s Play Specialist) arrived with games and later Dr Liam arrived with gifts of sunglasses.
Later I arrived with Lily, Kitty & Rufus and they were all so happy to be reunited. Kitty had a new moustache pencil with her and Herbie added this to the sunglasses on Dr Ed’s suggestion for a blog photo opportunity! I think it was a great suggestion!
As Dan and the kids gathered their things together to go home Herbie’s nurse Teresa popped her head in looking a little forlorn! It turned out that our cubicle on Tom’s Ward was urgently required for a very sick surgical patient so we needed to move “for one night only” to our other favourite ward Bellhouse Drayson. We packed the room up quickly as we were told we had ten minutes before the move.
However the ten minutes became an hour, nurses handed over to the night shift and Dan and the kids left Herbie & I to wait to move. Herbie settled down to a phone call and finally our nurse Gabrielle came to take us to Bellhouse. Room 25 and nurse Tracy was the destination. We know Tracy very well as she has cared for Lily and Herbie so often on Bellhouse. Room 25…well we spent 3 weeks there in January this year, even celebrated Herbie’s 5th birthday there!

Herbie leaving Room 25 in January 2014 after 3 weeks.
Herbie leaving Room 25 in January 2014 after 3 weeks.

image Herbie turning 5 in room 25 this year looking rather unwell.

We settled in for the night and were hopeful that we would be home by tomorrow afternoon…at last.


I woke early and got on with the 8am meds. Tracy handed over to Gemma. ( We know Gemma too!) Herbie slept on until 9.30pm. Dr Liam popped in , as did Community Nurse, Sarah. Herbie started his day quite grumpy after his late night watching DVD’s. There were many raspberries blown and frowning faces. Lots of people were ordered to “go home”
Whilst it amuses me sometimes mostly I feel sad when he behaves this way because I know this isn’t him. This is what being in hospital so much does to you, he is getting fed up with being the polite, fun loving, happy go lucky. Herbie. Our time in hospitals for long periods should be coming to an end.
Professor Pollard popped in and agreed that Herbie needed to go home.
Dr Ed , Dr Liam and two others arrived to look Herbie over and explain what the plan for the day was. Home was still very much on the cards.
Dr Truck popped in too and told me that Herbie’s HB had dipped again yesterday and that it appeared to be a trend and that would mean a transfusion if it dipped today. Transfusions take at least 4 hours…I started wondering if we would be going after all.

Fun with Grace & Sam & Dr Liam playing Hungry Hippos.
Fun with Grace & Sam & Dr Liam playing Hungry Hippos.


The iv’s seemed to take forever like watching a kettle for it to boil. Knowing that home is in sight just makes the day go on and on. The ivig went up (and that also takes hours) and Herbie slipped back into a grump.
The mood was thankfully lightened by another visit from. Dr. Liam with a set of doctor’s scrubs cut down for Herbie. He was really excited to put them on and couldn’t wait to get photos taken and also to run out to show Dr Ed.



Dr Ed also came in later bringing good news…the HB had risen so no transfusion required! Whoop whoop!

Finally we left the hospital around 8.30pm and arrived home at 9pm.
We had bags of meds, more than when we left GOSH, everywhere when we got in. Tomorrow will need to be spent organising it all.

The kids hit the sack late as are we…glad of a great hospital on our doorstep but glad to be home.
Thinking also of another BMT friend whose daughter was also in her local with a line infection but was transferred urgently by ambulance today back to GOSH for surgery on the Hickman Line. Fingers crossed for Seren x
Hoping for a happy weekend for us all x


bloods on exit

HB  99

WBC  3.57

Neutrophils 2.75

lymphocytes 0.21

platelets 97


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