Feeling a little bit hard done by…


Rufus woke me this morning complaining “Herbie woke me up making odd noises”
As I approached his bedroom door I could hear his snotty & fast breathing…I wanted to be wrong but experience told me he had a high temperature. Gathering the ear thermometer on the way I felt Herbie’s face as I reached him. He felt hot, his breathing was rapid and his ears were red. I didn’t need the thermometer I already knew it would read about 38.5. I decided to hang fire and give it 30 mins and then take it. I pulled the covers off of him, put the fan on and went to make a cup of tea.

I took his temperature just 30 minutes later, 38.2. I refrained from using the tempadot too and decided to retake it in an hour and see how he was then.
It was higher when I redid it and I knew I had to make the call to the local hospital again.

Days t+79/80 had been fab. Herbie had been on great form and I had once again allowed myself time to think ahead & to plan some days in this summer holiday.
To wake up to him being so hot was another blow and a bitter disappointment. It needed putting into perspective though, and once I did that I was able to call the hospital knowing he was step closer to getting it sorted out.

They needed to find a cubicle for us to come in to and I was advised that I would get a call as soon as they had.  By midday we were on our way.

I headed to Bellhouse Drayson Ward again with my mum in tow as Dan had gone to work. Emily greeted us took us to Room 5 and bloods were taken and iv’s set up.
Two of our community nurses popped by and said hi. Dr Liam also appeared claiming Herb had only come in as it was his last day on the ward and began putting signs up out of Herbie’s reach 😉 making claims that he was once again Herbie’s favourite doctor.

Professor Pollard and Dr Truck came by and declared that it appeared viral. It seemed that the day passed by slowly. my mum left and Dan arrived. The day staff said goodbye and the night staff arrived. Maz was our nurse which was great as we had only just seen her Saturday.

Dan arrived and not long after Herb spiked again. Bloods came back and his platelets had dropped significantly. Fevers were no doubt responsible for that & a transfusion was required.

Dan left and the platelets arrived. The calpol began to work and the platelets went  up. They were A- platelets. He is O-. I queried with Maz who said she had wondered the same but that it was compatible.
We looked in the shared care folder for guidance and finally the Dr called Gosh. Herbie mustn’t have anything but O-.
It turned out there were no O- platelets in Oxfordshire! As I type we are STILL waiting.
Herbie sat up waiting for hours but has now given in.
Liam came back to say goodbye as it was his last day on the ward. Herbie came out with a classic line of abuse.
“you used to be cool but you are not now”
So here I am spending another night in hospital. The rain is falling heavily outside, everyone is asleep and tomorrow is another  better day , right?



HB 98

WBC 5.51

Neutrophils 4.79

lymphocytes 0.17

platelets 47

CRP 74

4 thoughts on “Feeling a little bit hard done by…”

  1. What a disappointment that Herbie has had to go back in. I hope today brings good news & you get to go back home. Thinking of you. Cx

    I hope Herbie feels better soon and gets to go home. Love Verity

  2. Fingers crossed that a very special little boy no longer gets these setbacks. With every sympathy to you all, love from Barbara

  3. Hello, we haven’t had much Wi-Fi while we’ve been away, so I’m just catching up on your blog. Really sorry that you and Herbie have been so in and out of hospital again….. and that things are feeling tough at the moment. Sending you all some positive thoughts. xxxx

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