Another day of hanging around hospitals


Only 18 days until the 100 day marker! Wow!
I woke early and felt completely shattered. A lot had gone on last night and although I wasnt actually required during the night I slept badly.

When the platelets had arrived and were about to be given, around 2am, Maz (the nurse looking after Herb) said she had felt him & he felt warm. He didnt have a temperature but he was heading towards one. During the transfusion of the wonderful Bristol O- platelets, obs were done, as is standard practice , to ensure no reactions however Herbie did spike a temperature meaning the transfusion had to be paused whilst a doctor reviewed him. All other obs were great so Herb finally got his platelets.
And some much needed sleep!

At 8.00am he spiked again! He had to wait until 8.45am before he was allowed more Calpol but he slept. When Dr Ed arrived with an entourage of other doctors there was much frowning and a little raspberry blowing. Then an arm pointed to the door! “Dont you all know I need a poo!” Herb announced! Oh dear!

The day passed by uneventfully but slowly and thankfully , after the initial spike, fever free! Whoop whoop!
The play specialists, Sam & Grace, came in and played games and danced & sang to Everything is Awesome with him.

Prof Pollard & Dr Truck checked in briefly and left again.

On the walls around Room 5 were an increasing number of notes!!!

First there had been the one Dr Liam had put up. That one had evolved overnight to this…
This made me giggle.
There was also this on the whiteboard…

Which Dr Liam had changed to this

And Laura, one of our community nurses , had added to it too.
Herbie was thrilled to get another note from Hope about her holiday. He loved the train cards Hope and the holiday sounded amazing! He particularly liked the sound of the sweetie jars in the caravan. Thank you!
Two other things I have meant to mention.
Firstly the Well child award nomination. You may remember he was nominated before transplant. Herb didnt win but got shortlisted. We were very proud of him x

Secondly how lovely people have been. Herbie received a party invite with a covering letter explaining that they knew he couldnt come but he was invited & he would get cake! How sweet! Thank you Oscar xx (and Rachel!)
Dan arrived to take over. I was so tired that I fell asleep and needed a gentle reminder to go home!

Fingers crossed he stays fever free over night!

Today’s BMT fact is about being the donor…

Because only 1 to 5%  percent or less of your marrow is needed to save the patient’s life, your immune system stays strong. After 4-6 weeks your immune system is back to normal again.
1% of you could give 100% to the recipient, how stunning a statistic is that?

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