We keep backing and forwarding don’t we mummy


The first couple of days of “The Compromise” have gone to plan. Yesterday Dan came home by around 9am with Herbie. The Fab Four were happily reunited, singing commenced, laughter, tears and general normal family mayhem ensued.


The hours flew by, community nurse Morag arrived for iv’s, Dan cleaning and cooking, me sorting and putting washing on and then putting it away. We ate dinner together and then it was time to gather our things to return to Room 5 for the night shift.

To be honest I think it was hard for everyone except Herbie , he accepted what had to happen and actually planned his TV viewing and game playing! I longed to stay in my own house, sleep in my own bed but I smiled and went off to the car with a fake bounce in my step!

We settled down for the evening. It was quiet on the 16 bed ward, only 6 beds occupied and the majority at the other end of the ward.

The downside of the excitement of going home was that he’d struggled to drink as he was too busy playing.this meant he’d had only a few hundred mls so he had some catching up to do! In true Herbie fashion , by bedtime he was only 30mls short and so I topped him up with water via the peg.

Anne, our nurse for the day, left with promises of “see you in the morning” and “we’ll get you out of here ASAP ” and Tracey arrived for the night shift. Herbie asked for his Hickman Line Dressing to be changed again (despite not being due) as the loop had fallen. Tracey obliged and then it was time for bed.

I settled down in the dark with my secret cup of tea and Netflix to drown out the battering of Hurricane Bertha and numb the longing for home.


A great start, I got up and prepped the meds, Herbs woke full of the joys of spring and whilst Anne gave the TAZ I ran off to bring the car to the front to try to avoid the lashing of the rain. We were heading towards home by 8.25am.

The others all went for an early morning swim leaving Small & I home alone. This gave rise to some of his usual humorous comments and some of his more wet eye moment ones.

Did I think that he had let Mrs Hill (his teacher at school) down this year? I replied that of court he hadn’t. I’m sure she really was sad that I missed all of the plays, especially the Christmas one he said. I let Mrs Morgan down too as she said she hoped I’d be better for Christmas and I wasn’t .

Had I noticed that he could run fast now? It was because he had Rufus’s cells now wasn’t it?

Then after a huge sigh he announced ” I expect you are fed up with all this backing and forwarding all of the time?” I smiled but inside I was laughing out loud. What a noodle he is!

The day almost felt like a normal Sunday. Herbie drank well towards his 2.2 litre target and ate a large dinner.
However 4.30pm soon came round again and we had to pack our bag, collect the meds and head back to the hospital for the night.
Herbie ran through the car parks and insisted on taking the two flights of stairs to Level 0 instead of the lift. He was absolutely bursting with energy!
We arrived back to the ward. We settled down for the evening and by 7pm Herbie was saying he was ready for bed. He fell asleep early and left me to a long night with the ipad and a box set on Netflix.
I went to sleep hoping that we are not going to do have to do this for much longer.

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