Hurdles …jump or fall?

So it is five minutes past midnight on May 6th…the day has arrived. The weekend has been spent getting prepared and saying a few emotional ‘see you soons’ to family and friends.

How am I feeling? Wow…scared, nervous, anxious, to name but a few and then yesterday Herbie woke with a head cold which escalated to include a cough and gravelly voice by this morning. Respiratory viruses are more than likely going to postpone transplant so add to my emotion list frustration, anger, disappointment even relief!

What will May 6th 2014 bring ? A trip to GOSH only to be sent home? A trip to GOSH but no room available? The start of the BMT saga? The postponing of the BMT saga? Time will tell.

On a jolly note my lovely 11 year old daughter Kitty created this video to help with our fundraising. Whilst her dad concentrates on a 10k run for GOS she has her sights set on a fundraiser for our own home hospital, Oxford Children’s Hospital but before she sorts it out she was happy to help with thus video…make sure you watch for Herbilicious at the end with the parting message!

Well I’m off to lay in the dark now & avoid sleep…what will May 6th have in store for us…only time will tell

2 thoughts on “Hurdles …jump or fall?”

  1. Such uncertainty on this day. 😦 I am sorry Herbie has a respiratory issue going on that the the transplant may not happen today. That’s hard, Em. So many emotions, I can only imagine. I will be praying hard and looking for an update. Much love, XOXO

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