Moshling rescue, Muppets & more tea please


Boys weekend so this will be a short update and Dan managed 1 photo all day…I’ll say no more!
Herbie kicked off with a good breakfast which was a great sign as he has not been a big breakfast fan the few days since the fevers. Early morning reports were all very positive and they were settling down to a chilled day. Unlike the gorgeous temperatures of Nor Lye, Room 2 is carefully climate controlled so it’s very hard to know the temperature outside. Obviously with the filtered air system you are unable to throw open windows (in fact none of them can open) so unless you actually leave the hospital it’s unlikely that Dan would have known what the temperature was outside.

On Thursday Herbie had spotted a new, free, ipad Moshi game , similar to Candy Crush, called Moshling Rescue which he had seemed to be be becoming quite addicted to! Apparently much of today was spent playing this game and now even Dan is a little hooked! There were also 3 jigsaw puzzles completed and a Muppet film watched. Dan said he was awash with tea!

The doctor came in around 2pm and said that she was extremely pleased with Small. She said that “the CT scan was boring and didn’t show anything new at all” which was brilliant (but to be honest, what we had expected)
Seemed like things were looking pretty positive.

Bloods were as follows…

HB 93
WCC 5.65
Neutrophils 4.21
Lymphocytes 0.53
Platelets 18 (transfusion required)
CRP 85 (yippee , still coming down)

Urea 3.6
Creatinine 39 so kidneys doing a grand job.

In order to be discharged they like to get parents trained on administering milk feeds, drawing up and administering meds and they need to sort a drug timetable.

The good news is a that we don’t use milk feeds so no worries there. I spoke to a dietician , not James our usual one, who said it was brilliant that he had managed transplant without TPN (total Parental nutrition which is administered for long periods throughout the day via iv. ) and that he had literally needed a few days of milk feeds over 3 weeks ago.
So this really only leaves using the Peg for medicines which we can both do now anyway.
When using the PEG to give medicines it’s really important to clamp it after use otherwise tummy juices will appeared and spill everywhere! Nice!

So we leave the boys happy in their Moshi world until tomorrow, Dan was a bit put out that Herbie finds football boring, but the ipad was calling!
Platelets were given this evening so that number should look better tomorrow.
Day 37 and thanks to members of our fab family , some decent money was raised for Oxford Children’s hospital today and the house had a good old clean ready for when this Moshi fanatic returns!,thanks guys xxx

Sweet dreams!

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